Perth College School Ball 2016

The 2016 school ball season has come and gone, and we at Hummer City Limousines had a great time chauffeuring students to and from balls around the greater Perth area. Every year, our fleet of stretch Hummers and limousines are put to great use creating a fun and safe environment in which students can celebrate and add a bit of prestige to their formal event.

This year, we also heard news about a positive policy change for Perth College’s Year 12 Ball, and we thought we’d take a moment to highlight it here.

New Policy for Perth College Year 12 Ball

Founded in 1902, Perth College is the oldest Anglican girls’ school in Western Australia. For that reason, the school is a natural leader and trend setter for boarding schools across the region.

This year, Perth College made a small but significant change to its policy. In the past, the invitations that were sent out for this event invited the young ladies to bring their ‘partner’ to the school ball. This ‘partner’ was generally expected to be a young man.

But this year’s invitations changed the word ‘partner’ to ‘guest’, and allowed for this person to be male or female. The school administration has stated that they hoped to take the emphasis away from dating and relationships at the event. As the school’s principal, Jenny Ethel, said, “We’ve tried to de-emphasise the whole thing around relationships.”

Some have heralded this as a nod to same-sex couples and the possibility that some of the girls enrolled at Perth College may not be interested in taking a young man to the Year 12 Ball. Ms Ethel told The Sunday Times that, whilst the decision was not related to same-sex couples, they would certainly be welcome at the event.

Perth School Balls Become More Inclusive

Needless to say, there has been a public outpouring of support since Perth College made this small but significant adjustment to its Year 12 Ball policy. Even if the change wasn’t made specifically with same-sex couples in mind, it’s encouraging to see the administration publicly voicing their support for the cause.

Every year, we chauffeur student groups to and from school balls in Perth including the Year 12 Ball at Perth College. We know how important events like this are for local students, and it’s reassuring to see Perth College taking a leadership role in creating an even more inclusive environment for local students.

Charter a Stretch Hummer or Limo for Your Next School Ball

This year’s school ball season may have come to a close, but there are many other events on the schedule this year. Likewise, it won’t be long before next year’s season comes around. With that in mind, it’s never too late to begin planning.

Hummer City Limousines can help your group of friends make a grand entrance at your next school ball or event. Our vehicles can seat anywhere from 10 to 20 passengers and come fully equipped with cutting-edge sound systems and laser lights. Contact us today to learn more about our fleet and packages.