Hummer City Limousines Fleet

The Hummer City Limousines fleet is constantly being upgraded to provide clients across the City of Perth with the very best limousine hire services in the city. Here’s our current limousine fleet – we’re sure you’ll be impressed with what you see below!

20-Seater White H2 Hummer Limousine

The only one of its kind in Perth, our 20-seater H2 Hummer limo turns heads on the street and wows passengers before they’ve even set foot inside! As big on style and features as it is on size, this feature-packed Hummer limousine is the biggest and most impressive addition to the Hummer City Limousines fleet to date.

One of the trendiest limousines around the world at the moment and favoured by the world’s most fashionable celebrities, this limo will get you the red carpet treatment like no other. Packed with cool features and perfect for all events.

16-Seater White H2 Hummer Limousine

We had this one specifically customised to provide clients with the ultimate Hummer limousine experience. With Lamborghini doors, neon underbody lights, full body chrome kit, and no less than three full-length bars stocked with essentials, it’s the ultimate limousine for those who love to arrive in style.

14-Seater Black H2 Hummer Limousine

The ultimate showstopper, our 14-seater H2 black Hummer limo comes packed with features and is capable of stealing the show at any event or special occasion at which you’re making an appearance. Expect the red carpet treatment with this limo.

11-Seater White Chrysler 300c Limousine 

With its sleek lines, classic looks and luxurious interior that comfortably seats up to eleven people, there’s little wonder as to why our white Chrysler 300c limo is such a popular choice. The ultimate wedding limousine in so many ways, but a fantastic selection for any event at which you want to make a grand entrance.

10-Seater Black and Grey Chrysler 300c Limousine 

A stylish ride if there ever was one, this limo screams sophistication and class! With loads of cool features, a striking body that we’ve kept immaculately detailed so it shimmers and shines, and middle-entry jet doors for that red carpet arrival you know you want to make, this immensely fashionable limousine is perfect for all occasions.

4-Seater Black/White Chrysler 300c Sedans 

Not only a fantastic choice for school proms, weddings and other special occasions, but also a top selection for receiving important corporate guests and welcoming them to Perth, majestic entrances come naturally with our 4-seater Chrysler 300c sedans.

Our fleet is meticulously maintained to keep our vehicles in immaculate condition and ensure our clients experience the very best limousine hire in Perth. Call Hummer City Limousines today to reserve a limo for your next special occasion!