kids party limo hire

Let’s face it, planning your child’s birthday party can be a bit of a minefield. You need to keep several children entertained, fed, and watered for a couple of hours, and find a way to keep them under control when they’re super excited. You want to give them a birthday to remember, but don’t have an unlimited budget, and so will be looking for a way to do something unique that won’t break the bank. That’s why many parents are hiring limousines for their kid’s birthday party, and while this may seem like a decadent approach, there are many reasons why it’s actually very practical, as well as being affordable.

Impressing friends

Nothing gets kids more excited than being able to drive in a huge Hummer limousine, and even seeing it pull into your drive will no doubt lead to squeals of excitement. As they hop on board they’ll see all the fun extras that make a limo ride so exciting, and many vehicles feature extras such as:

  • Dance floors
  • Karaoke machines
  • Bars stocked with soft drinks
  • Flat screen TVs
  • CD players or phone connections to play music

This means they’re entertained on the ride to the party venue, or the party can just consist of a couple hours of driving around. Either way, their friends are bound to be talking about it for a long time afterwards.

Easy entertainment

In addition to all the extra things on board, hiring a limo for a couple of hours opens up lots of ways to entertain the kids. You could look at hiring limousines in Perth to pick them up from school on their birthday, and perhaps surprise them by taking them to their favourite restaurant. Your driver will roll out the red carpet at their destination, and they’ll feel like a VIP when they go to the arcade or out for fast food.


Sticking to a budget is important when you’re throwing a party for kids, and luckily a limousine hire can be quite cost effective. Many Hummer limos seat up to 20 kids, and work out quite cheap per head, with some packages including drinks and other treats. If you’re looking to keep costs especially low, then consider a midweek party, perhaps just after school, which will obviously be cheaper than a weekend.

All ages

It can be really difficult to choose what to do for a kids party if you’ve got a mixed age group. If you’re inviting cousins and family friends, then you might find you’ve got kids of different ages, each one with their own idea of a fun party. Luckily, limousines are entertaining for all ages, from young kids to teenagers, and are an easy option for those trying to entertain a group.

Kids love impressive cars, and nothing is more exciting than riding in a glamorous, modern limousine. They might want to be pampered like a princess in a classic limo, or enjoy a karaoke party in a massive Hummer, either way it’s an easy party option that parents will love.